Why We Should Recognize Those Who Work on Christmas

Why We Should Recognize Those Who Work on Christmas

Leading up to Christmas Day, most are consumed with tying up loose ends with work, frantically prepping for family gatherings, and trying their best to cross items off their holiday shopping list. When the big day arrives, it’s customary to spend the day relaxing with family, opening presents, and enjoying a little too much food (and wine). Generally, the holiday affords most a day to unwind and step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday. This, however, is not the case for everyone. Millions of Americans will work on Christmas while millions more shut down for the day.

When enjoying a day inside with relatives, forgetting about the rest of the world becomes second nature. This year, let’s pay homage to the individuals who keep the world moving.

So, who works on Christmas?

People in Retail

Anyone who works retail on Christmas is a trooper. While many stores give their employees paid time off, others expect employees to show up on the holiday. Working retail on a normal day is tough—often draining—work. Working retail on the holiday is another story entirely. 

Doctors and Nurses

If you cut yourself with that too-sharp Christmas ornament or trip over the Christmas lights and break your clavicle, what do you do? You certainly don’t allow your Great Aunt or niece attempt to show off their First Aid skills. Instead you likely head to Urgent Care or if the injury is bad enough, to the hospital. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other hospital staff remain on deck in the event of an emergency. 

Police Officers 

Family feud that didn’t end well? May be time to call 911. Police officers and emergency line operators remain on deck to the very end! Police officers also do their part to ensure families on the road remain safe against drunk driving (or a speeding Santa Clause). 

News Anchors

News anchors! For anchors and TV hosts, their work schedule doesn’t stop on Christmas Day. On the contrary. They are awake early reporting on this or that community event. Early as in 5:00 am early. We appreciate them for keeping us entertained.

To reward those in our community working hard during the holiday, we can encourage them to receive services and/or support to take the edge off. Think a massage or even Christmas dinner delivered to their home(s) by neighbors. The Urban Helper makes it easy to connect with people—including those who go above and beyond on Christmas Day. Know someone working during the holiday? Encourage them to sign up for The Urban Helper to request services to unwind a bit. 


Cheers to those who keep going while the rest of the world comes to a stop. You are appreciated. 


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