U-Helper Profile:  Fletcher Alliston

U-Helper Profile:  Fletcher Alliston

Fletcher Alliston is a Californian through and through. He grew up in Long Beach, then bounced between Westchester, Brentwood and Westlake, where he’s been a resident for the past 8 years. An independent contractor and IATSE 695 member for nearly a decade, Fletcher loves perfecting the sound behind your favorite video content. While he’s excited to lend his expertise to a variety of sound jobs, Fletcher is passionate about recording instrumental foley – on a short film once, he recorded foley for a band by playing the instruments himself!

Tell us a little bit about the experience you have with the services you offer through the Urban Helper.

For the past 10 years or so I've been working as an independent contractor on dozens of productions including music videos, commercials, short films, feature films, and virtual reality.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Sound work is most fulfilling when the projects are released and met with positive reactions by viewers. On a day to day basis, the problem solving required to accomplish solid sound mixing and engineering provides an enjoyable challenge.

What are the top three things you love about your neighborhood?

The cultural diversity in my neighborhood gives me hope for the future of the country. There are many free public concerts and a handful of street fairs that are fun for all ages. My job locations bounce around all over the city, but with this location being so centrally located, traffic usually isn't a chore.

What about The Urban Helper’s mission resonates with you

The ability to quantize work hours into easily exchangeable units so quickly on an intuitive site is an amazing idea. There will only be more services available as more users sign up, so I'm very excited to be a member.