U-Helper Profile: Audrey Klein

U-Helper Profile: Audrey Klein

U-Helper Audrey Klein has lived in Los Angeles for 26 years; first residing in Koreatown, then Silver Lake and the last six years in Adams Hill in Glendale. In addition to finding gigs through Urban Helper, Audrey styles at the Loft Hair Lounge in Eagle Rock and teaches at the Yoga House in South Pasadena.  Through Urban Helper Audey offers in-home hairstyling/color and private yoga instruction.

Audrey has a husband and a son aged 12.  Her hobbies include Karate, handicraft work and art and she really loves to spend time puttering around in her little yard.  Because of fur allergies their only pet is her son’s ball python named Patsy. Audrey admits that, although Patsy is beautiful, most people fail to embrace her!

What services do you offer through Urban Helper?

I currently offer two services:

Hair - I have worked with hair for 2 1/2 decades now, on people in the salon, in the theatre and in special effects makeup as a hair technician. Hair is a beautiful material and I love working with it. I like a more natural approach, taking into consideration how the hair falls naturally and what works for the person wearing it. I do color as well, but how the hair feels is important to me, so I do not like to bleach hair out too much. Cutting hair is like sculpting to me.

Yoga - I fell in love with yoga in 1993 and have held an Iyengar yoga teacher certification since 1998. (This system has the most extensive Teacher training program). I find it very rewarding to help people to relax and find inner peace. My specialty is restorative yoga, though I am also trained for pre and post-natal. Teaching yoga is fantastic, and I feel blessed to have been teaching since the mid-nineties.

Have you been hired through the Urban Helper? If so, what was that experience like?

Yes, I did an in-home Yoga training for a mother and child with a focus on pain management. The session was very pleasant.  The space was clean, and I felt comfortable in their home. I left them with a simple daily practice and some drawings. I look forward to seeing them next month to check their progress.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

When cutting and coloring hair, I like people to feel nurtured in my chair, feel “seen” and become happier. Hair is not toxic and always grows. It has beautiful shine and is a wonderful adornment to our head.

When teaching Yoga, people calm down and find peace of mind. Their bodies feel great, stretched, energized and rejuvenated at the end of a class.

What are the top three things you love about Adams Hill?

The birds chirping, our neighbors and the close proximity to downtown Glendale.

What do you and your family like to do for fun in your neighborhood?

Walk to the parks, ride our bikes.

Do you take part in community-oriented activities in your neighborhood? If so, what types of activities?

We frequently attend events at the local libraries, national night out, concerts, art shows, community activists events, and environmental protection gatherings.

Do you support any organizations in your community?

Roosevelt PTA, want to show kids that I care; AHNA (Adams Hill neighborhood Association), because I want to be united with my neighbors; Toastmasters at the Glendale YMCA, because I would like to improve my leadership, communication and public speaking skills.

Has anything struck you as unique or noteworthy about your experience with the Urban Helper? If so, what?

It is an exciting idea and I look forward to making my U-Brix go around.

Anything else you'd like the Urban Helper community to know about you or the work you do?

I look forward to meeting more people in my neighborhood.  I am passionate about protecting the environment. I hope to find more work within walking or biking distance, so we can collectively reduce our carbon imprint.

What about The Urban Helper’s mission resonates with you?

There are a lot of weird things happening in the world these days and some I do not understand. My answer is to do more in my neighbourhood, with tangible things and people that I can see, hear and know that they are real. I love the convenience of the internet and digital devices, but I need real people and a true sense of community.