U-Brix: The Community-Building Alternative to Cryptocurrency

U-Brix: The Community-Building Alternative to Cryptocurrency

There’s been a lot of hype around cryptocurrency lately. From Bitcoin to Litecoin, to Ethereum and many others, blockchain-based, decentralized currencies are gaining traction on a global level. Many experts attribute the increase to a desire for financial autonomy since decentralized currencies remove third-party oversight from financial transactions. Others believe the digitization of our lives is the cause—why not digitize our money too? 

One thing is clear: people are eager to transition to a totally new way of spending and receiving money. 

While the advent of new cryptocurrencies is exciting (and buzzworthy), it has also heightened the demand for service exchange on the Internet, further reducing the need for people to interact face-to-face—which isn’t always a good thing. Lately, the huge quantity of energy required to mine Bitcoin has come under scrutiny and there is some concern about crypto becoming the preferred currency for less-than-savory transactions on the web. Though larger corporations can easily make the shift to crypto, individuals and local businesses lacking the expertise or foundation to join in will likely fall behind in the cryptocurrency market.

So how to revolutionize the way we earn and pay for services while also doing something good in the world and our neighborhoods?

U-Brix. U-Brix is a time-based, community-driven currency created by The Urban Helper to remove financial obstacles and connect people who need services with people who can provide services--right in their own neighborhoods. Like cryptocurrency, U-Brix offers a totally new alternative to traditional financial structures, giving people more freedom to work and learn. The Urban Helper builds on the basic principles of time banking while combining time currency with traditional forms of payment and incentivizing hiring locally. 

The opportunities to move beyond traditional compensation systems will continue to grow—but mostly online. Time currency, however, creates an economy that nurtures closer contact with others outside the Internet, building community and giving you the chance to work with the people closest to you. From gardening to fortune telling, to helping an elderly neighbor with his groceries, you can hire or be hired for U-Brix (and even old-fashioned money!) on The Urban Helper. 

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