Sharing Skills Across Generations

Sharing Skills Across Generations

When you've been around the block a few times, you can't help but know how to get stuff done. You've had a career or two (or three!), you're an expert in several hobbies (and are in the middle of mastering some new ones), you've been generally taking care of business (yours, your kids', and maybe even your grandkids') for decades. If you're of retirement age or older, you've got a whole host of knowledge, professional and beyond, to share.

A Lot to Share But No Place to Share It

Maybe your adult children have picked your brain clean on the ins and outs of running a small business and you've taught them all you know about managing a drought-tolerant garden. But what about your skills as a violist? Or your expertise as a woodworker or seamstress or canner? It might be that some of your skills can be shared through traditional volunteerism—and we are huge believers in the power of volunteering—but what about everything you know that doesn't quite fit into that category? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pass along all the knowledge you’ve gained over your lifetime?

Finding People Who Need Your Skills

The Urban Helper believes that our neighborhoods are filled with people who, like you, are bursting with skills and knowledge to share. We believe that the older set—whether retired or still professionally active—can be incredible resources to their communities. It's just a matter of getting the word out and connecting people. That's where The Urban Helper comes in!

The Urban Helper Facilitates Skills Sharing and Community Building

With The Urban Helper you can offer the skills and knowledge you'd like to share to people who live in your community. In return you not only get to know your neighbors better—always a good thing—but you can earn dollars or U-Brix, a non-taxable time-based currency.

Here’s how it works: Let's say you'd like to offer viola lessons, take in tailoring work, and provide guidance on xeriscaping to people in your community. You can decide to accept dollars, U-Brix, or both for some or all of these services—you decide what makes sense for you. When someone hires you for U-Brix, for every hour of work you do, you'll earn one U-Brix. Then, when your sink gets clogged, or you need to move some furniture in your home—or when you decide that it's finally time to learn how to surf—you can then use The Urban Helper to hire someone for U-Brix. It's time banking, with a bit of a twist!


Interested? Watch a short video, join our group of beta testers, and learn more about the community-empowering mission behind The Urban Helper at our beta site.