Meet Nikki!

Meet Nikki!

Educator and mentor Nikki Nemzer has been tutoring in LA County since 2004. She is originally from Northern California and went to university in Santa Barbara and Paris, France. Nikki's favorite subjects to teach include Math and French, and also include Writing, Science, and Art. Along with academic tutoring, Nikki is also a Martial Arts instructor, teaching Kenpo Karate in Burbank, CA. Nikki has a background in the visual arts as well as production experience in the film industry. Most of all, Nikki enjoys making learning FUN in any capacity!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love seeing little lightbulbs go on. I love seeing confidence grow. I love seeing an idea percolating, and the look on a student’s face when they are struck by a new moment of clarity.

For me, tutoring is tons of fun. I get to hang out with curious young people, and help them bolster their paths with whichever methods of learning suit them best. Being a mentor both academically and often emotionally is a responsibility that I welcome, and one for which I am grateful. I love how every session is a new mission, and we collaborate to find the fun in new understandings and how to make concepts stick. I love seeing kids find pride in themselves! 

What are the top three things you love about your neighborhood?

I love that Burbank is full of friendly pedestrians, and people willing to interact.

I love the variety of vegetation and greenery here -- I feel there's plenty of nature to counteract the concrete jungle.

I love that Burbank still has some great old shops that have been around forever -- kooky thrift stores and shop-owners who love their customers.

What about the Urban Helper’s mission resonates with you?

I really appreciate that the Urban Helper recognizes the deep value in community, and the need for a simple structure in which we can use our strengths to help one another. The exchanging of energy is an ancient practice, and I really appreciate the ingenuity Urban Helper is offering in order to facilitate that in a modern world.