Meet Christian!

Meet Christian!

Christian is a Southern California Native, born and raised in Long Beach. Growing up in this very diverse county has given her an extremely adaptable personality, allowing her to connect with people on many different levels. Unaware of what a Life Coach was until 3 years ago she soon realized this was something she had been doing most of her life; in work, amongst family, and in the friendships she has developed. Instead of Life Coaching, she looks at it as Empowerment Coaching, challenging the mindset to support overall well-being. Learning the hard way, a long time ago, Christian realizes that destiny is rooted in the power of our thoughts. Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character, and character becomes DESTINY!, either positive or negative.  Through the mindset of "The Way I Do What I Do" (TWIDWID) she chooses the positive path and encouraging others to follow her example.
What do you enjoy about the work you do?
Diversity! Even as a coach, I am constantly learning from clients, other coaches, and all the connections I meet along the way. I never want to stop learning and coaching offers me new experiences all the time, deepening my understanding, not just of people individually but of our society at large. Without the full understanding about, and compassion for, our society we are unable to grow, live our lives to their fullest potential, raise our children and cultivate one another.  What I enjoy most is personal development of both myself and my clients.
What do you love most about your neighbourhood?
I love the urban vibe!  There is nothing like letting go of tension and being able to unwind in a community you trule call home. Living in LA county there is always a feeling of hustle and bustle and plenty of smiling faces around me. Every day I see and feel the desire for improvement and growth in my community, both individually and collectively. Absorbing this vibe gives me a sense of peace and well-being after a long rushed day. 
What about the Urban Helper’s mission resonate with you?
The goal to strengthen and empower our communities! The Urban Helper's mission aligns with TWIDWID, growing communities in a positive, forward-thinking mindset. By the natural force of this forward direction, communities will not only grow but come together for the greater good of all mankind. The Urban Helper platform is a great way to connect people in communities via the services needed to overcome obstacles and reach desired outcomes.