Meet Chris!

Meet Chris!

Originally from South Louisiana, Chris moved to Los Angeles seven years ago in search of his musical happy place. A guitarist since his teenage years, he enjoys writing and recording music of all styles and hopes to have one of his compositions on the big (or little) screen someday. His professional background is rooted in Information Technology. Chris worked as a Network Administrator for 10 years before moving to Southern California. He has since left the stressful corporate world behind, choosing to use his skills to help small businesses and LA residents who are trying to navigate the ever-changing world of high tech gizmos and gadgets. After bouncing around from Franklin Village, Atwater to Echo Park, he has now settled down in Silver Lake. 
What do you enjoy about the work you do?
Technology can be frustrating for some to the point of giving up. I find great satisfaction in making a connection and being able to use my skills to turn a stressful situation into a more relaxing one. I pride myself on the ability to help those of all skill levels and communicate in a way that is understandable to the user. Nothing makes me happier than to define a challenge, overcome it and see the sigh of relief on the client's face at the end of the day. The ability to learn from these challenges and grow my skills as an IT professional is an added bonus!
What are the top three things you love about your neighborhood? 
I love the creative vibe of the area. As a musician, it's nice to be surrounded with so many others who are pursuing their creative passions. The diverse cuisine options are fantastic too. I love the ability to escape from the city with a hike through Elysian Park, catch a Dodger game on a Friday night or hit up the farmers market for some fresh veggies. There's never a lack of things to do which is great! 
What about The Urban Helper’s mission resonates with you? 
In a city the size of Los Angeles it can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to make connections with those around us. The Urban Helper makes it easy to be a better neighbor. There are so many talented and skilled people nearby who want to help out but don't know how to reach out to those in need. This platform makes it so easy to create those connections and possibly make a difference in someone's day be it large or small.