Meet Brenda!

Meet Brenda!

Brenda has been part of the Silverlake community for almost 20 years. She brings her years of theatre and music professional work to students from ages 13-70, using mind and body approaches that are tailored to individual needs. She's also an active artist -- writing music, theatre pieces, and performing as a pianist, singer, and satirist. Bringing new works to life is her main artistic joy, and she loves giving students opportunities to create new works -- or to master music for shows, auditions, or group performance.

She also loves the local restaurants and the makers of art and crafts in the area, and is a house-tour aficionado... and at last estimate she's walked around the "lake" 6,439 times. Her goal for the next year is to find more time to volunteer on community initiatives about environmental concerns. (Her last show was "This is my Garbage" - encouraging personal garbage responsibility!)

Oh - and she loves a wide range of artists, from Waits to Grimes...and Kronos Quartet and Alicia Keys. And of course the local artists that continue to inspire us all!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Bringing music and musical joy to students is so rewarding: getting into sound and songs, through technique and expression - whether piano or voice - lets students really improve their abilities to connect with the music and their audiences. I've had singers make great leaps this year, and it's so great to see them perform!

What are the top three things you love about your neighborhood?

I love the rhythm of the hills and the green in the heart of Los Angeles...Second? The community that is so responsive to responding to crucial issues, both with the neighborhood council and with participation in other groups. And I love the artists that permeate the community and continue to bring their work to the area.

What about The Urban Helper’s mission resonates with you?

Urban Helper allows us to connect. Simple. I need to connect to experience the expertise of others, but also to expand my vision of what is needed. I can offer my skills with a full mind/body approach to singing, and then share in someone else's prowess in gardening, or design, or accounting! My purpose is to make personal and professional music goals a reality, but also to find joy in sharing work that resonates with the community. We should all use Urban Helper more and discover more of the community that surrounds us.