Get Everything Done with Time Banking

Get Everything Done with Time Banking

There is never enough time!  At least, that’s what we tend to think. Conquering our mounting to-do list is impossible; important tasks are left unfinished. People may wonder why we don’t hire help, but, that’s easier said than done. Hiring help either costs too much or is time-consuming in and of itself.

Imagine this: you (miraculously) tackled every task on your to-do list except for assembling your new sofa you bought over a month ago. The task would take at least half a day, plus it’s not your expertise, so the outcome may look like anything but living room furniture. You don’t know who to call because everyone you know either lacks the skills, or the time to help. To make matters worse, you can’t afford to hire anyone because of mounting expenses. You may begin to wonder why you bothered buying the sofa in the first place, even glancing over at the giant box consuming your small living room in resentment.

An overlooked solution? Time Banking. Time Banking is a form of currency that can also create more balanced communities. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one hour of time credit. The Urban Helper, a disruptive platform that aims to reshape how we view the exchange of time for money and community, has invented a form of time currency dubbed “U-Brix.”

How does it Work?

The Urban Helper is a platform that connects service providers (U-Helpers) with people who want to hire them. You can be a U-Helper, you can hire U-Helpers or both! You can pay or be paid in dollars through our secure payment portal or through our Time Bank using U-Brix (time dollars). To provide services, you need to register as a U-Helper. If you only want to hire helpers, register for the services you need and hire a U-Helper. It's that simple. 

So, going back to your furniture assembly predicament. You could easily get the help you need in the form of U-Brix. And because the greatest benefit of time banking is being able to assist your community, you, in turn, could offer a valuable skill in exchange for a “time dollar” (U-Brix).

To gain the most value from this system, it’s important to save your U-Brix for instances where you feel like you’re low on time or simply do not have the skillset to conquer what you need.

Thanks to time banking with The Urban Helper, you can finally enjoy an improved living space (and be rid of that giant box!).

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