Earn U-Brix by Offering Skills, Labor, and Knowledge You Might Not Otherwise Share

Earn U-Brix by Offering Skills, Labor, and Knowledge You Might Not Otherwise Share

The Urban Helper is, at heart, a peer-to-peer network for skills, service, and knowledge sharing. The community we most want to cultivate and serve is the one in your neighborhood. U-Brix are a critical part of this idea: by facilitating compensation with a time exchange, we want to encourage you to offer services and knowledge that you might not otherwise share with others.

You Don’t Have to Be a Professional to Earn U-Brix

Your profession might be graphic designer, gardener, or script supervisor—so you might charge dollars on The Urban Helper for services related to those jobs—but you might also be a serious home baker or a secret horticulture expert. These bodies of knowledge and skill that you’ve developed as an amature might be just the thing your neighbor down the block could benefit from. And offering amature or hobbyist skills and knowledge for U-Brix means that you can receive useful compensation.

Something else to consider is if you’re willing to provide a very specific kind of labor for U-Brix just because it would be helpful and neighborly to do so. You might not be a professional gardener, but maybe you’re willing to help someone pull weeds for a couple hours a week. You might not be a professional house cleaner or organizer, but maybe you just love organizing pantries. The great thing about The Urban Helper is that you can easily make it known to other users in your neighborhood that you are available for specific types of work when you add a service to your profile (just describe what you’re offering in the “Tell Hirers about about your experience level and how you like to work” field).

Expand Your U-Helper Profile Today!

We believe our neighborhoods are abundant with skills and expertise. Take a moment to consider whether your U-Helper Profile includes all of the skills, knowledge, and labor you’re willing and able to share!