Did You Know: Background Checks

Did You Know: Background Checks

The Urban Helper initiates random background checks on its U-Helpers and its Hirers?

Every month a percentage of members are randomly selected for a background check which they must comply with to keep their account active. Some jobs (like standing in line for someone) may not require a background check, and some U-Helpers and Hirers may already know and trust each other. So to keep our fees affordable, we do not background check everyone who signs up for The Urban Helper.

Here are three tips that can increase your safety when contracting through The Urban Helper:

#1 Be Proactive

Any member can run a background check on themselves; any Hirer can request and pay for a check on a U-Helper who is under consideration for work; any U-Helper may also request and pay for a check on a Hirer they are considering working for. Passing a background check can increase the chances of being hired and of getting a response to a job query.

The Urban Helper is integrated with Checkr and members can find the e-form to fill out on urbanhelper.com by going to Menu – My Account – Background Check. No one sees the results of your background check, you just get a pass or a fail. If a pass you get a shield badge in your profile!

#2 Keep a record of where you are going for work and do not work outside the platform.

After a Hirer contacts a U-Helper, and they agree to work together, the U-Helper sends a proposal to the Hirer via the job file. When a Hirer approves a proposal, they have to fill in the address where the job is to be performed.  If a U-Helper is asked to go to a different address from the one in the proposal, a revised proposal should be sent to the Hirer asking them to fill in the actual address of the job.

#3 Trust your gut

We highly recommend that you take all the precautions you typically use when contracting with a stranger. Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right don’t take the job or hire the U-Helper.

The Urban Helper is a sustainable business as defined by People – Planet – Profit and so the safety of The Urban Helper members is at the forefront of our mind.  Please let us know of any inappropriate behavior so we can take action.