5 Ways Busy Parents Can Use The Urban Helper

5 Ways Busy Parents Can Use The Urban Helper

Parents have a lot to juggle. From sticking with the budget, maintaining their own careers, taking care of the household, and keeping the kids on track, in the course of a day parents have to handle a huge range of shifting priorities. While a variety of options exist to find support, The Urban Helper offers some specific advantages for busy working parents.

1. One Stop for Everything from Plumbing to Tutoring

Unlike other service matching services, The Urban Helper is designed to offer a huge range of services in one place. You can find a last-minute babysitter, someone to pick up the dry cleaning you forgot on your way home, a one-time gardener to get on top of the weed situation in your yard, and a tutor to help your child with their math homework—all with one account.

2. Flexible—Help When and Where You Need it

We know the priorities of working parents shift constantly, sometimes within hours. One week you need help with gardening and plumbing and the next you need help with laundry and house cleaning. Maybe you’ve got a huge project coming up and you know you’re going to be working late most nights, but you don’t have the time to stock the freezer with ready-to-heat meals. Not to mention all of those little unexpected emergencies that pop up throughout the week—from a leaky shower to a broken dishwasher. The Urban Helper is ready when you are.

3. Less Expensive Plus Time Bank Payment Option

A lot of those other service matching companies end up charging either the hirer, helper, or both high fees. What should be relatively inexpensive can suddenly become prohibitive—and that’s not helpful to anyone. One of the central principles behind The Urban Helper is to make helping others easier, less expensive, and more accessible to a wider range of incomes and life situations. Time banking with U-Brix removes financial obstacles for parents who don’t have a lot of discretionary income. The Urban Helper also allows traditional payment by credit card for a relatively low transaction fee that keeps overall cost affordable.

4. Resources Go Into Your Own Neighborhood

The Urban Helper places an emphasis on and incentivizes hiring and helping within your own neighborhood. We believe that superlocal hiring empowers communities, strengthens the social safety net among neighbors, is friendlier to the planet, and generally does a great deal of good.

5. Keeping Work-Family-Life Balance

The Urban Helper is great for finding services to take care of the nitty-gritty needs of the day-to-day lives of busy parents, but it’s also great for making sure you, Busy Parent, are taking care of yourself and maybe even having some fun. Use The Urban Helper to find someone in your neighborhood to teach you yoga, meditation, guitar, or beekeeping. Pick up a hobby or pursue an interest—we know that someone in your neighborhood (maybe even your block) has the skill and knowledge to share.


Ready to see how it works? Join our group of beta testers and learn more about the community-empowering mission behind The Urban Helper at our beta site.